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Teen Makeup Party

Breaking into the world of makeup can be an intimidating task but for these girls it was easy with my tips and tricks. I had so much fun teaching these young teens just how to enhance their natural beauty in five minutes!

Part 1- Prep Your Face

  1. Hygiene and Skin Care

  2. Always wash and/or sanitize your hands before touching your face.

  3. Starting now to take care of your skin is crucial. Always wash your face either with cleanser or a cleansing wipe before any makeup application.

  4. Moisturize

  5. For a flawless look, make sure skin is fresh and hydrated by moisturizing. When starting out, try a tinted moisturizer. This will give light coverage, while also prepping your face for the rest of your makeup.

  6. For dry skin try a more intense moisturizer. And for oily skin choose something light and oil-free.

  7. DON’T FORGET SPF! I can’t stress how damaging the sun is for your skin. Get a tinted moisturizer w/SPF already in it to “kill THREE birds with one stone!” J

  8. Apply Concealer

  9. Concealer will be your best friend for covering any blemishes or dark circles. Choose one that matches your skin tone.

  10. Since you already have beautiful skin at this age, we’re going to skip the foundation and use our tinted moisturizer instead for light coverage.

Part 2- Applying Makeup to Eyes, Lips and Cheeks

  1. Comb Brows

  2. Using a brow brush, an unused toothbrush or a clean disposable mascara wand comb your brows up and over in the direction they grow.

  3. If brows are “wild” try a clear brow gel to tame them.

  4. Eyeliner

  5. Eyeliner is used to define lids and eyes. REMEMBER: Less is more!

  6. Go for brown, light grays or even a color. Wear black on a special occasion or the weekend. Black liner is not for everyone and can make your eyes appear smaller, must be very careful with the width of the liner.

  7. Apply liner to either top or lower lash line and smudge. The smudging creates a beautiful natural look, yet makes your eyes stand out.

  8. Mascara

  9. Mascara will define your eyes even more through thickening, lengthening, and darkening the lashes.

  10. Place the brush at the roots of your top lashes and wiggle the brush through the lashes outwards. Do the same on lower. Wiggle the brush to keep mascara from clumping.

  11. Eyeshadow

  12. Stick to natural and neutral shades like bone, taupe, and browns.

  13. Use a brush to apply shadow on top of lid, only take shadow up to the crease in your eye.

  14. Brown and hazel eyes look great in warm colors like copper and gold. If you have blue and green eyes try gray or plums.

  15. Blush

  16. You just want to give your cheeks a flush of color, NO CLOWN cheeks here!

  17. You can choose a bronzer that will give you a summer glow or a pink, rosy color.

  18. Apply on the apples of your cheeks. Find your cheeks by making a big smile.

  19. Lips

  20. Choose a lip gloss with a shimmer or plain.

  21. Go for soft pinks or tans. AVOID dark colors; they will give you a hard, older look. You are young and beautiful let’s accentuate that!

Part 3- Remove Your Makeup

  1. ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS remove your makeup at the end of the day or night! Sleeping in makeup causes blemishes, rashes, and even early signs of aging.


From time to time, be adventurous and try a color mascara, eye shadow or liner. Keep the rest of your face simple and it will look pretty!

Don’t spend a lot of money on makeup when you are first learning what works for your skin type and coloring.

Use lip balm to keep lips from getting cracked and dried out.

Stick to the FIVE MINUTE FACE RULE- Limit your makeup application to five minutes. This will keep you from going over board and only be able to use what is essential. Essentials are: concealer, mascara, blush, and lip gloss.

Get to know your skin type. Skin types include normal, oily, dry, and sensitive. Some people also have a combination of skin types in different areas of their skin. Your skin type can change over time.

ALWAYS embrace your natural beauty. Makeup is supposed to enhance your beauty, NOT cover it up! At this age, enjoy your glowing, natural skin.

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